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Al Petterson's Journal
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Friday, September 28th, 2001

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It's kind of funny. I hope this will turn out to be a mostly irrelevant log, since if the next several months approach the previous several in event density, I quit. Sometime I'll write about them. (It's not all bad, but it certainly is a lot.) In the meantime...

Today I found myself part of a Team (tm). I've never been at a company big enough to have Teams before. We're in charge of the January field test of the product the company rides on. If the field test doesn't go, the investors are far less likely to bite, the company's future becomes very dubious... and I figure I get issued a blindfold and cigarette.

QA, of course, is not and has never been my thing. I'm a software engineer. I was put on QA last week (at this job I've been at since Jun 30) after they laid off all the QA and marketing people and then realized someone still has to test the product. Since they cancelled the part of the project I was hired to do, all in all working QA seems to beat all hell out of the alternative. Did I mention the last few months have been eventful?

On the other hand, Joss smiles and flirts at the slightest provocation, so there's a hard limit to how bad the rest of the universe can get.

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