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Al Petterson's Journal
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Thursday, October 11th, 2001

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Somebody's been looking at book titles
The kids have been playing in the library a lot in the last month or so. The library, I will mention, has about forty linear feet of science fiction paperbacks and about the same amount again of everything else combined.

On Tuesday I was helping Bobby with his bath, discussing what we might read next after finishing Prisoner of Azkaban. I talked to him about science fiction. "There was a famous author, named Robert Heinlein, who wrote a book called 'Farmer In The Sky', about colonizing Ganymede." Bobby responded: "Yes, and he wrote another book called 'The Past Through Tomorrow'."
It's not so much the dream as the analysis of it that I think is interesting. I don't remember my dreams much, and when I do it's normally the eighth hour of sleep when I have an interesting dream -- which explains why I don't remember my dreams much. This one hit me Monday night.

Mostly the dream was about a tasmanian devil. I don't have any clue what tasmanian devils are, except that they're fierce marsupial carnivores. In my dream, they were roughly like wolves but the size of horses. Had a good horror-movie setting, with a large rustic wood-beamed house, deck all around the outside, in the woods, with night falling. The plot was vague but several times my kids were in danger, getting out of the house with the wolf-creatures outside. Some friends got mauled.

And why, you ask, would I have a dream like this?

Well, gee, let's see. Generalized anxiety over the events of the last month. Worry over the stability and performance of my job (this was particularly bad on Monday -- it's gotten much much better since). Negative feelings about having a job that doesn't let me telecommute and thus keeps me away from my kids. Airplane trip on Monday. (Flying always stresses me because I'm a control freak.) Reading Prisoner of Azkaban (featuring both a werewolf and large shadowy dog). Played Ars Magica on Sunday, with the cover of 'Pact of Pasaquine' (horse-sized wolf) on top of the book stack. New TV show featuring werewolves (Wolf Lake). The kids have been watching a lot of The Wiggles, who are Australian.

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