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Al Petterson's Journal
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Friday, October 19th, 2001

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Okay, I clearly did it wrong.

"Mmm ... licorice! Strong and edgy, you're the flavor of black jellybeans and Good 'n' Plentys. Some people absolutely love you (in fact, they might even find you addictive), but you're definitely not for everyone. But that's okay with you — you'd rather pick and choose your companions. When you have time for friends at all, that is. Powerful and very potent, you're goal-oriented and ambitious — you don't let much stand in your way. There's nothing sweet or sugary about you; you're a serious taste that's best suited for the truly focused. Lingering, enigmatic, and a little hard to pin down, you're a truly tantalizing treat."

Not. I don't pick and choose friends; I'll hang out with anybody. 'Goal-oriented' and 'ambitious'? Bwa-ha-ha. Nothing sweet about me. Hrm.

Dubiousity reigns.

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