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Al Petterson's Journal
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Monday, October 29th, 2001

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Long Weekend
That weekend certainly seemed longer than a mere forty-nine hours. Sherilyn has capably described the trip, so I don't have to -- but it was indeed a day. She doesn't mention the difficulties I had staying awake driving home, but that's because she was zonked out in the car most of the way.

TooMUSH has a really bad effect. People change aliases just often enough that my already-severe engineer name-mapping disability kicks into overdrive. I had yet again lost the mapping of tara-laura-mony-angie-alice-soula-darkness-tenshi-air into the correct number of humans, and there were one too many of them at the party, and no one else was bothered by this. But the nice part is that I finally got to differentiate Soula, whom I think I've only met ftf once before, if that. She's awfully nice, and very good at sitting there and being abused by my offspring for hours and hours.

Like Sherilyn, I also saw far too many people I love to see, and wish I could have spent hours talking to each one.

Sherilyn pointed out later that taking Bobby out of the party when he was misbehaving might have been a tactical error, since it humiliated him and made him feel far worse; talking him down where he was would have been easier. I agree as far as that goes, but I think it was the right move anyway, since Cera was in the middle of opening presents and he was already disrupting the room by tormenting Soula to the point of causing her to complain at him. When you behave that badly, it's not a bad idea to be made to feel bad about it afterward for a while, even if it also makes the parenting job harder. I think it's a good lesson for him to learn.

On Sunday -- James showed up for gaming an hour and a half early (James lives in Grass Valley but stayed in Marysville and... well, it's complicated), so we gathered the others and tried to get a slightly longer session together. Unfortunately, we didn't play to D&D's strengths much, as it became a long conversation with an NPC and then some fact-finding, and only after a couple hours did we have some gratuitous fighting.

The Ars Magica session was entirely talking-heads, but for that crew talking heads is much more rewarding, because what they want most is answers, and they got some -- though it just raised more questions, of course. I got to play the characters Chrisber and Cera portrayed in the LARP, which was a lot of fun.

This morning I have to get some proposed test plan documents prepared for circulation among the engineers, so I should wrap the journal up and write more.

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