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Al Petterson's Journal
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Friday, November 2nd, 2001

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Today: heavy (boring diet log)
OK, time to start logging this. If Flit's making food entries :) I'll make weight entries.

Weight: 192.5. Target for the remainder of the week: 192

We'll just be dropping that number, then. Earlier this year, the diet went for five successful months and I lost over twenty pounds. And in the four months since then I've been gaining it back almost as fast as I lost it. This is going to stop.

The idea behind outcome-based dieting has always been 'follow any diet plan you like, just follow it sincerely'. I think I have a plan now. The most important basis for diet outcome, for me, seems to be what I eat for dinner and what I snack on after dinner -- the proper answers for a diet appear to be "light, mostly vegetarian" and "water".

So here's the plan. On heavy days I'll be eating a normal breakfast (either granola bars or cheerios), bringing fruit to work and avoiding all work-supplied snacks, eating "sensibly" for lunch, and telling Sherilyn I'll be restricting myself to Slim-Fast and (if hunger makes it necessary) salad or fruit for dinner. On balance days I'll eat normally but still refrain from after-dinner snacks. Light days are when a reasonable amount of candy and other fun foods are permitted.

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