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Al Petterson's Journal
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Saturday, November 3rd, 2001

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Weight this morning: 190. Getting the wiggles out of the curve makes the first few lbs easy (and meaningless).

Went to Monsters, Inc. with Bobby. It started with three fun trailers -- the final Harry Potter trailer, the FotR trailer, and the Attack of the Clones teaser... I'm dumbfounded by FotR; I thought trailers were only supposed to be in front of movies within one MPAA rating step, but MI is G and FotR is PG13... it was followed by a hilarious CGI short about birds on a telephone wire.

Then the movie itself. After the first twenty minutes (when he kept my arm pulled tightly around his shoulders, with a death grip on my thumb) he loosened up to start munching popcorn. We both had fun, though he never relaxed enough to laugh at anything -- he says he liked it, however, and we talked about the events and characters for the drive home. (No spoilers -- but what a wonderful movie! It has some tribute and inside joke moments that are to die for. And I'm certain I missed many, since some of the ones I did see were so fleeting.)
New Pictures!
Shameless plug for those who care: the internationally prestigious and reknowned Walmart Portrait Studio Digital Picture Blurring System has produced some stunning new results... note that blurring is a special service they only provide for their electronic customers, and the actual portraits won't have this important touch-up step. If you'd like to see exactly what the actual holiday portraits will look like after you've consumed significant amounts of eggnog and have sat on your glasses, take a look at this...

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