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Al Petterson's Journal
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Tuesday, November 6th, 2001

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Weight: 190.5.

Spent a lot of the day in meetings. It's a little eerie; I'm a Team Lead (tm) which means I actually call meetings and set agendas, including meetings at which my boss and other managers attend. I ask a bunch of questions and write down answers and later on I do something about them. No one ever seems to figure out that I'm just faking being a grown-up and that all this is just pretend.

It sounds like we're going to move this week, for real; at the least I got stink-eye for asking whether they've scheduled a time for delaying the move another week yet.

I'm really among geeks. I'm so proud of all my cow orkers. Four of us were arguing over 9-11 stuff and what the typical muslim-on-the-street feels in places like Indonesia (because we're all so well-informed about it) and the boss peered out of his office. "Are you discussing politics?" (he can hear quite well, so it's not like he didn't know the answer.) Four voices chorus "Nope." "Well, okay... are you discussing religion?" Four "Nope" answers again. "Well, good, because those things cause arguments, and I don't want any arguments." Instantly we fall to arguing about whether we can argue about other things than religion or politics.

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