Al Petterson (eyelessgame) wrote,
Al Petterson

TPM gives latest R polls.

The poll has Huckabee at 19%, Romney at 18%, Gingrich 15%, Palin 12%, Trump 10%, Pa*l 8%. Pawlenty, Daniels, and Santorum each got 3%, Barbour got 1%.

I stand by my assertion that none of these - save maybe Pawlenty or Daniels - can possibly become the Republican nominee, unless they somehow become unopposed. If they have any sort of opposition, they all must crumble.

How does Huckabee answer ads that point out he furloughed murderers?
How does Romney answer ads that point out he invented Obamacare?
How does Gingrich answer ads where his ex-wife points out he makes Clinton look chaste?
How does Palin answer ads that demand she speak in complete sentences?
How does Trump - never mind, I can't stop laughing at that one.
How does Pa*l produce clinical insanity in sufficient numbers of people, even Republicans?

I mean, it's entirely possible I'm wrong about this. But I'm very interested in knowing which one I'm wrong about.
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