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Al Petterson's Journal
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Monday, October 7th, 2013

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Kingmaker episode 2
They all have names! Royce and Serafina the twin half-elves, and Darby the gnome druid.

Not nearly as much happened this time - or at least what happened was less consequential. The PCs started exploring - they found a patch of moon radishes and killed the kobolds who'd been harvesting them (selling them for a cool 250gp back at the trading post); they killed a pony-sized spider that'd been preying on creatures in the area, and liberated a treasure map from its lair; they found a rickety bridge and just missed losing a horse to it; they happened upon a huge tree infested with the mites that had stolen items from the bandits (who'd stolen the ring from Svetlana) and resolved to come back and beat upon the mites; they found the clue to the treasure map and discovered a pile of loot that the bandits had taken from an itinerant wizard, including a scroll of spells and a wand -- and all in all they spent a couple of weeks of game time exploring the lands surrounding Oleg's post, surveying it for suitability to start a kingdom.

One thing I forgot to mention to J/W/S - so I'm mentioning it here - is that they've completed two quests (eliminate at least 6 bandits and deliver moon radishes to Svetlana), and each quest nets them additional XP, which means they're actually second level now, and they should level before our next adventure (which is probably a month away because it's marching band season.)

Their next mission will be to smite the mites, explore the rest of the hills north of the Shrike, delve into the Narlmarches, follow reports of kobolds, find and kill a tatzlwyrm, and track down the rumored great boar called Tuskgutter. After which they have to go after the Stag Lord himself and rid the northern Greenbelt of brigands once and for all.

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