Al Petterson (eyelessgame) wrote,
Al Petterson

Chrome is not for me

I installed Chrome.

1. It didn’t read in my bookmarks from IE like Firefox does.
2. It has the lousy IE9 interface, where there’s only one text entry window, and it “intelligently” tries to guess whether you typed in a website or a search term. I could get used to it, except that it was getting it wrong (local company website names were search terms instead of websites.) Far prefer Firefox’s IE8 clone interface, where the left box is for websites and the upper-right box is for search.
3. I wanted it pinned at the top (leftmost) spot on my taskbar. It kept refusing to relocate when I dragged it. Then it randomly relocated itself, multiple times.
4. I have to turn on the button for home? Really?
5. I have multiple virtual desktops. When I moved to desktop 2 and tried to run a second Chrome instance there, it complained about being unable to read my preferences.

Maybe it could ‘configure’ its way past some or all of this, but that was enough. I’m sticking with Firefox.
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