Al Petterson (eyelessgame) wrote,
Al Petterson

Saw Wicked again on Sunday (it's basically as good the second time as the first).

I want to do a "Stephen Schwartz Generic Musical" chart at some point... (cut for spoilers if you care)

- Fanfare introducing the main character (Prepare Ye, Magic To Do, No One Mourns The Wicked)

- Main character ingenue sings achingly naive song (God Save The People, Corner Of the Sky, The Wizard And I)

- Charismatic supporting character sings song chock-full of bad advice (parts each of Learn Your Lessons Well/All For The Best/Turn Back O Man, Simple Joys (and Finale), Dancing Through Life)

- Best friend/confidante is also sometime antagonist (Jesus and John/Judas, Pippin and Narrator, Elphaba and Glinda)

- Confronts authority figures who do not have the power they pretend to (Alas for You, Morning Glow, A Sentimental Man)

- Fake death of the main character at the end (Finale(s))
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