Al Petterson (eyelessgame) wrote,
Al Petterson

I grieve for the families of those who died in Colorado, but it's not *my* tragedy. They're just a bunch of Americans I don't know - no different, ultimately, than if they were Syrians I don't know - and anyway, Americans are shot and killed by the dozens every day. It just usually happens one at a time, and no one hears, or takes notice, outside their immediate neighborhood and local police department, and if they're lucky an obit in the local paper. Twelve people being shot at once is the equivalent of a cute blonde girl going missing: lots of talking heads on TV solemnly pissing and moaning, the President makes a speech, and meanwhile there are roughly a hundred other American families out there who also had - or will have - a loved one shot today, who are probably wondering why they don't get mentioned by the President or make the national news.

But it's been made very clear to me that in this country nothing whatsoever can be done about this, because we're simply not any other country that doesn't have this problem, and we have a Constitution, and that's why we can't have nice things. So I guess the solution is to not care, move on, say "It's the price we pay for, um, 'freedom'," and try very hard not to think how terribly ironic that is, or how many people don't recognize the irony.
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