Al Petterson (eyelessgame) wrote,
Al Petterson

I was getting a little concerned about my daughter - she'd been miserable the last couple of mornings (5:30 wakeup calls are not easy), and annoyed with herself for getting a B on her first math quiz, and muttering about how she's going to quit band next year.

So today she comes home. "So. Did you survive the first week of school?"

She starts bopping and bouncing. "Yeah! In band, first of all, it was cooler today, so that made it a lot nicer to do drill. And the three new pages of drill were tons easier. And they had this sombrero - MissK came out in a sombrero, and said she'd give it to people for doing really well at marching, and the first person she gave it to was like this sophomore who plays bari sax. And then *I* got it! Freshman me! Except then - " she starts giggling - "right then, as I put it on, the breeze started kicking up, and it started pushing the sombrero - and then when I snapped the trombone up to my shoulder, it knocked the sombrero onto the side of my head - and then when I started marching - " her giggles are almost uncontrollable - "it wound up in *front* of my face, and so I tried shoving it aside, while playing and marching at the same time, and it got tangled up in my trombone, and by then I was like five steps away from where I was supposed to be. So really the hat was all about embarrassing somebody who's good at marching." She kept laughing. "And then, in PE, of all the girls in the two freshman classes together, I did the 4th highest number of crunches. Yeah! Core!" Fist pump. "And then I did like six pushups. So yeah, core is all I've got. But sixty-six crunches!

"And then, in Spanish, I aced the test; it was so easy. And in math, we had a test and I'm pretty sure I did well, because I had time at the end to check all my answers. And there was one that I wasn't sure was right, because it was like 15/32 or something, so I went back and did it from the beginning a different way, and I got the same answer, so I'm pretty sure I did it right.." Eyes shining. Somebody had a really good day.
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