Al Petterson (eyelessgame) wrote,
Al Petterson

We were told a few days ago by the modem group (a bunch of idiots at another office -- or, to be fairer, a group of hardware engineers who are trying to write embedded software and flailing badly) that some of the instability we were seeing on the hardware could be heat-related and that we should put a fan on it. Now, this is not a matter of it freezing up or having to be powered down; data stops running after some amount of time after reboot, regardless of how hot it is or how long it's been on. That this is a software problem is obvious to everyone but them.

The comment was received politely at the meeting; we snickered privately and hooted with derision after the videoconference ended. Needless to say, the fan has not done jack and the bug(s) are still there.

We had a demo day before yesterday, which included a voice-over-IP phone call proceeding alongside a big data download over the wireless system. Reporting on it the following morning, the technician told us 'Well, when we tried to call Alex the first time, there was some interference on the call. But we put a fan on him and the interference cleared right up.'

I'm damned slow on the uptake, because I blinked, then nodded. 'Ambient noise. Probably made the voice-over-ip software process the sound better,' oblivious to the giggles around the meeting room.

But I got my revenge. Just prior to this morning's meeting, Alex had rebooted the BTS and done something that shorted out one of the boards -- 'the capacitor looked like an LED' was how he described it at the meeting. I harrumphed. 'You know, San Jose told us to put a fan on it.'
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